Create a Document in OneDrive

Did you know that you can create a document in OneDrive? Yep! In fact, many types of Office documents can be created from within OneDrive. One of the cool things about working from the cloud is that you can access your files whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. And you can do this on any device using any web browser. OneDrive can easily sync files to your desktop too, so you have secure access to your content even when you’re offline. In this tutorial, we’ll create a new Word document from within OneDrive and save it for later access.

First, you’ll need to log in to your Microsoft 365 account at

On the Microsoft 365 Welcome screen, select OneDrive from the left navigation pane.

OneDrive icon in Microsoft 365

If you don’t see OneDrive in your list of apps, click the Apps button near the top to see all your apps and select OneDrive.

Apps button on Microsoft 365 Welcome screen

In the My files area of OneDrive, click the New button, then select Word document from the drop-down menu.

Create document in OneDrive

Word will open in a separate browser tab and create a blank document. Click on the newly opened browser tab to view the blank document in Word.

Browser tab showing Word

Let’s change the default file name from Document1 to something more meaningful. Click the document title in the Title Bar to access the document dialog box. In the File Name field, replace Document1 with MyResume.

Press Enter.

Create a new document in OneDrive

The Word Title Bar now displays the new document title, MyResume, and indicates that it has been saved to OneDrive automatically.

The dialog box also shows that the newly created document’s location is in OneDrive. It provides a text link that if followed will take you back to OneDrive to where the document is stored.

Click the OneDrive text link, to verify its location in OneDrive’s file library.

Create a document in OneDrive

You can see that the Word document MyResume is safely stored in OneDrive’s file library. The blue burst icon above the file name indicates it has recently been added to the file library.
My Files section of OneDrive

Creating Office documents in OneDrive offers numerous benefits, including increased accessibility, security, collaboration, and productivity. Follow the above steps to start taking advantage of this powerful tool.

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Applies to OneDrive for Microsoft 365.