Adding a Gmail Account to Outlook

Are you tired of switching between Gmail and Outlook to manage your email accounts? Adding a Gmail account to Outlook can make your life easier by allowing you to access all your emails in one place. You can send, receive, and organize emails from your Gmail account alongside other email accounts you’ve added to Outlook, making it convenient, efficient, and secure, while leveraging Outlook’s powerful features. Follow these steps to add a Gmail account to Outlook:

  1. In Outlook, click the File tab to enter the Backstage view.
    File tab in Outlook
  2. Click Add Account in the Backstage view under the Account Information section.
    Add Account button in Backstage view
  3. Type your Gmail address in the input field and click Connect.
    Connect button in Outlook Email address dialog box
  4. Click Next to confirm the Gmail address you’re adding to Outlook.
    Next button on Outlook add email dialog box
  5. Enter the password for your Gmail account and click Sign In.
    Sign In button in add email account in Outlook dialog box
  6. Click Allow to give Microsoft services permission to access your Gmail account.

    Note: Your permission is required to allow Outlook to access your Gmail account and retrieve emails and other information associated with the account. Once permission is granted, Outlook can access your Gmail account and allow you to manage your email and other information from within the Outlook platform. You can revoke permission at any time by accessing your Google account settings and revoking access to Outlook.

    Allow button on Outlook add gmail to Outlook dialog box

  7. Outlook will now verify your account and add it to its list of email accounts.
    Text box confirming Outlook adding gmail address to Outlook
  8. Repeat the above steps for any additional Gmail accounts you want to add.

Key Points

  • Adding a Gmail account to Outlook allows you to manage your emails, contacts, and calendar from one platform.
  • Outlook will automatically configure the server settings for your Gmail account.


Adding a Gmail account to Outlook provides several benefits, including centralized email management, offline access to emails, enhanced email organization, unified calendar management, and improved security. It can make managing your Gmail emails more convenient, efficient, and secure, while also leveraging the powerful features offered by Outlook.

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