Set up Notifications in Teams

Set up notifications in Teams to suit your personal needs and preferences. The Teams app provides different options for doing that. You can customize settings for email, channels and chat, appearance and sounds, turning off specific messages, and more.

The Notifications Screen

First, navigate to the Notifications screen. This is where the different options are located.

  1. On the Teams Home screen, click the Settings and more button (three small dots) to the left of your profile thumbnail to access a menu.
    Settings and more button on Home screen in teams
  2. On the menu, click Settings.
    Settings menu on Home screen in Teams
  3. Under Settings, click Notifications.
    Notifications on Settings menu in Teams

Set Email Notifications

In the Email section, click the down arrow to access the menu.

Set email notifications in Teams

Set the frequency that you receive notifications for your missed activity emails.

Set email notifications in Teams

Set Appearance and Sound Notifications

Click the down arrow to access options for Notification style. Click the toggle buttons to turn on or off Show message preview and Play sound for incoming calls and notifications.

Set appearance and sound notifications in Microsoft Teams

Set Channel Notifications

You can choose to be notified about all activity in your shown channels by selecting All activity.

If you prefer to be notified only when you are @mentioned or when you receive replies to your messages in channels, select Mentions & replies.

Selecting Custom gives you the most control over your channel notifications. Custom allows you to set your preferences for several types of messages.

Set Channel notifications in Microsoft Teams

Go through all the different options, and when you’re done customizing, click Back to settings.

Set custom settings for notifications in Microsoft Teams

Setting Other Notifications

You can also set custom options for notifications related to chats, meetings, and specific people by clicking the Edit button next to each one.

Set other notifications in Teams

Setting Notifications for a Mobile Device

The notification settings you make in the desktop version of Teams do not sync with your mobile device. If you want to use Teams on a mobile device, you’ll have to set notification options on the device separately. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home screen of the mobile app, tap your profile thumbnail at the top left to access the menu.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Select the General Activity section. (This is where you can enable or disable notifications for messages, conversation channels, chat messages, mentions, and a lot more. You can also turn off all notifications.)
  4. Set your preferences.
  5. Tap the back button in the top left of the screen.

You can also set your notification preferences for meeting reminders, and you may also want to block notifications on your mobile device when you’re active in Teams on the desktop or when you’re in a meeting.

Set the Quiet Time option to set quiet hours for when you do not want to receive notifications on your device.

Customizing your notifications in Teams ensures you receive only the notifications that are most important to you. This is the best way to avoid unwanted and annoying distractions allowing you to focus on your work.

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