Using Shortcut Keys in Word to Access the Ribbon

Using shortcut keys in Word to access the ribbon is a way that you can work on your documents without using a mouse. Keyboard-based commands can be entered more quickly and don’t require you to remove your hands from the keyboard. This improves workflow efficiency and productivity.

In this tutorial, we will change the default margins of a blank document using the keyboard to select options from the ribbon.

Using the Keyboard to Access the Ribbon

Open a document in Microsoft Word. Press the Alt key on the keyboard. KeyTips or letters appear by each ribbon tab. To select tabs with more than one letter, press the first letter and then press the second letter.

Type the letter P on the keyboard to access the Layout ribbon’s options.

Word ribbon shortcut keys

Additional letters (KeyTips) appear by the options on the Layout ribbon. Press the letter M on the keyboard to open the Margins drop-down menu.

Microsoft Word layout ribbon tab

The Margins drop-down menu shows the current document’s margins are set at Normal, or 1-inch margins. Change the document’s margins to Narrow, or 0.5 inch.

Set margins menu

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move through the Margins menu and highlight Narrow. Press Enter to confirm the selection. Accessing the ribbon in Word is easy using KeyTips. Press the Alt key to activate them. Use the Tab key and the Arrow Keys to navigate through the ribbon options and menus. Press Enter to confirm your selection.

Shortcut key reference chart

Use these keyboard shortcuts to activate ribbon tabs.

To SelectPress
File tabAlt F
Home tabAlt H
Insert tabAlt N
Design tabAlt G
Layout tabAlt P
References tabAlt S
Mailings tabAlt M
Review tabAlt R
View tabAlt W
Developer boxAlt L
Help boxAlt + Y2 or F1
Search boxAlt + Q

Using shortcut keys to access ribbon commands in Word enables you to work on your documents without using a mouse.

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